Mobile Apps

Build Your Business with a Mobile AppApp shot

Mobile apps are a powerful promotional tool to:

  • Promote your Organization
  • Engage Users
  • Share Your Content
  • Increase Loyalty
  • Easy to Customize
  • Low Maintenance
  • Direct Messaging
  • Photo Albums to Share
  • Can run behind your website for mobile users

The Process:

Android App Building a Mobile App: The process turns your website into a professional looking mobile app to brand your business and create customer interaction. Apps are managed via a powerful content management system. You can add/remove features, send push notifications and update with one click.

Promotional Toolkit Included: QR code for downloadinApple Appg your app, a customized landing page, email download link distribution, banners, and training. The app integrates with your content so as you update your website, your information flows to the app.

SBA AppCustom Dashboard and Usage Reports: track what app features are most used and measure your ROI.

App Submission Services: to Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Results: Get into your customers’ phones, direct text to them 24/7 and get instant reaction to your promotional messages and coupon code offers

Own Your audience: Train your customers to Tap the App, not search the web! Incentivise them to download your app and stay connected.

Ego: Yes, it is a huge ego trip to have an app, but if it promotes your business, builds your customer base, increases sales and drives ROI, the ego boost is just a bonus!


Mobile App build outs: $1,495-$1,995 depending on features and custom elements

Annual Hosting for Apple/Android: $400

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