Website  (Top 10) Do’s 

  1. Your Home Page needs to tell your story: who are you, what do you offer, where do you serve clients, and most importantly, whats in the deal for the user to choose you as a provider!
  2. Focus – each page should have a focus. Do not jumble thoughts, if you have more to say – use more than one page! Do not be afraid to create lots of new pages, Google loves new content that is fresh, relevent and unique!
  3. Colors & Fonts – keep your selection to a minimum. Having excessive font styles, sizes and colors can be hard on the human that is trying to read your page.
  4. KISS – Yes, this old adage works with websites! Make it easy for your visitor to discover everything they need to know about you to make a buying decision from your home page!
  5. Site Speed is Critical: Remember you have less than 4 seconds to make a first impression. Resize images, compress files, remove flash or animated gifs, embed your video from YouTube instead of hosting it in your site – do everything you can to keep your site load time fast!
  6. Remember that your content tells your story, speak to one person, try to avoid pronouns (us, we, our) and focus on what the user wants to hear/learn.
  7. Offer video if you can to tell your story – people watch video (they ignore audio clips). Simple smart phone video is a good start, eventually graduate to formal production.
  8. Make sure your phone number is not trapped in an image, people will tap/dial and do business with you if you let them.
  9. Remember 75% of all search is mobile based, and 50% of that is voice activated, so having content that answers questions and answers is ideal to increase your search visibility.
  10. Buy Traffic with Paid Ads – Do not hate paid ads, instead learn to understand the methodology required to reach your prospective customers with low cost clicks. Where are they spending time? You can buy penny clicks on YouTube, nickle & dime clicks on Gmail, and quarter clicks on display and remarketing ads – all Google, all economical, you only pay for your clicks. $1 a day can make a difference! Drive traffic effectively via Google from a variety of platforms and allow visitors to find your site and your offers 24/7 even if your site does not rank!  
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