Web Development

blue-guys-dot-com-e1329592527472 Creating your website and building your brand is very important. Your website is your virtual business location that represents your business showcasing all your products and services. 


search-e1329593303581 Search Marketing is about getting your website found . . . you need to be seen by the major search engines as a credible resource for your products and services. 

SEM Marketing

yellow-man-wins-race-e1329593687572 Search Engine Marketing, also known as Paid Search Marketing, and more commonly called Pay Per Click is a pay per acquisition business model. 

SEO Web Mechanics™

Driving your business to reach your online goals is our mission


Finding the balance between content, page rank and link building will help you achieve your search results goals and drive new customers to your virtual door. Search visibility is considered in every aspect of your web development project. Taking your existing site to new levels of search engine optimization requires research and implementation of Search Best Practices. Whether you are using paid placements or driving organic traffic, there are always room for improvement.

Get your free SEO audit and find out where your site needs improvement. You can implement the updates or contact us to do the work for you. Your rankings can improve, find out your sites flaws and get started on your way up the search results pages!

Web Marketing, Optimization and Web Development

Your online success depends on innovation, transforming, and managing your position in search environments to drive new customer acquisition.

August 2019 Newsletter

You have a website, what's next?  Keeping up with the tech changes can be a challenge for every business. What to do? Start with the basics: Visit Your Website once a week Make sure your load time is fast Test your contact forms Add a new post (blog, faq or a bit...

July 2019 Newsletter

Google Ads - What's New? What are you doing to drive paid search traffic efficiently & effectively to your site?   Google Ads (formally Google AdWords) has changed dramatically in the last 6 months - new ad types, bidding structures, targeting, demographics...

May 2019 Newsletter

Where to start for Search: Site Speed, Traffic, Content, SSLs "oh my!" What are you doing to help your website become more powerful?   Site Speed - test your site, if your load time is more than 4 seconds, you have a big problem, people will not wait. You can fix...

April 2019 Newsletter

How Secure is Your Website?   When was your last website health check? Security check? Update? Do you have a current back up in the cloud?   You should have your website health checked at least once a year (preferably monthly) and have your site security...